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Resources for Flumes, Manholes, and Weirs

Openchannelflow has collected all of the relevant downloadable documents for the various product categories (Flumes, Manholes, and Weirs) as well as the product types (Parshall, H Type, etc.) and presents them below in a consolidated page. 

Documents available include:

  • Flume / Weir Evaluation Tables
  • Flume Master Dimensions Drawings
  • Product Brochures
  • Product Specifications
  • Flume / Weir Discharge / Flow Tables
  • Receiving and Handling Instructions
  • Installation Instructions
  • Operations and Maintenance Instructions
  • Supplementary Documents 
  • Technical Bulletins

In addition to the documents below, individual pages may be shared via the Share This button found at the bottom of the right hand social media tool bar on each page.