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Grinder Manholes

Dig It! Drop It! Done! Building upon our tested fiberglass flow measurement manholes, Openchannelflow has developed complete, packaged fiberglass Grinder Manholes for a variety of in-line sewage grinding applications.  Openchannelflow Grinder Manholes are low maintenance, quick to install, single-piece, water-tight and corrosion resistant units built with a ruggedness to withstand the most aggressive of environments.

Grinder Openness – Openchannelflow can accommodate open channel grinders from JWC® (3005 series Muffin Monsters®), Franklin Miller® (TM-8500 series Taskmasters®), MonoFlo® (Series ‘A’ Munchers®), and others.  Our ability to integrate just about any open channel grinder allows your operation to remain flexible – not locking you into one grinder manufacturer.  You supply the grinder, we supply the knowhow.  Dig It!  Drop It! Done!

Flexibility – Openchannelflow offers a variety of manhole cover styles, diameters, and options to tailor our Grinder Manholes to your specific needs.

Top styles include:

  • Full opening domed top for maximum access
  • Flat cover aluminum hatches for pedestrian areas / low profile installations
  • Large diameter opening highway loading reducers tops (using customer supplied grade rings, cover, and frame) 

The standard diameter for Openchannelflow Grinder Manholes is 5’ [152 cm], with the option for a 6’ [183 cm] diameter (and larger) as needed.  4’ [122 cm] diameter units are available for space-constrained applications, but note that with a grinder installed in the center of the manhole, access at the base of the manhole is severely limited.

Each Openchannelflow Grinder Manhole comes standard with the following features:
  • OHSA-compliant fiberglass ladder with non-slip ladder rungs
  • Integral fiberglass grinder channel with molded-in non-slip bench / shoulder
  • Recessed, removable fiberglass grating (over the grinder channel)
  • Stainless steel cabling hook (for spare power / control cabling)
  • Manhole thru-wall coupling (for power / controls cabling)
  • Inlet / outlet piping or flanges for quick pipeline connection

In addition, Openchannelflow offers a wide array of optional accessories to help you customize the unit to fit your specific needs, including:

  • Over-flow / by-pass piping
  • Integral diversion channel with manual bar screen and slide gates
  • General purpose and hazardous location lighting
  • Powered and unpowered ventilation
  • Shelves and mounting panels for ancillary equipment
  • Factory integration of customer-supplied guide frames

Typical applications include:

  • Prisons and jails
  • Nursing and rehabilitation facilities
  • Pump station protection
  • Schools, colleges, and universities
  • Industrial effluent maceration
  • Food products and waste maceration
  • Aircraft effluent