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Storm Water / Screenings / Grit

Dig It! Drop It! Done!Building upon our tested fiberglass flow measurement manholes, Openchannelflow has developed a full line of customizable Storm Water Manholes for the screening, separation, and collection of oil, trash, and debris from flow streams.  Openchannelflow Storm Water Manholes are single-piece, water-tight,  and corrosion resistant; requiring minimal downtime for installation and virtually no maintenance.  The rugged fiberglass construction resists corrosion from virtually all chemicals found in storm water runoff.

Openchannelflow offers three (3) configurations of Storm Water Manholes as well as a variety of manhole diameters and options to tailor the product to your specific needs.

Dome Top Small Screenings Trash Manhole Storm Water Manhole Configurations:

  • Debris – where only debris or other materials needs to be screened from a flow stream, a stainless steel trash basked is provided.
  • Oil-only – in situations where oil is the primary problem and debris is negligible, the incoming flow enters the manhole below the surface of the water – allowing the water to rise through a oil coalescing media before leaving the manhole.
  • Combination debris / oil sump – flow is initially directed through a debris strainer (typically a stainless steel trash basket) and is then directed under a set of frames holding oil absorbent media.  The dual frame system allows one frame to be removed for maintenance / media replacement, while another frame remains in plate to continue the oil capture.
Each unit comes as a single, watertight piece with the following features:
  • Fully opening domed top for maximum access2
  • Corrosion resistant interior barrel surface
  • Closed base
  • External base mounting / anti-flotation flange with cushioning pad
  • Inlet / outlet piping with flexible couplings for quick pipeline connection
  • Exterior corrosion resistant gel coat barrier with U.V. inhibitors
  • OHSA-compliant fiberglass ladder with non-slip ladder rungs
  • Fiberglass access platform above the water surface from which to remove or maintain the trash basket / coalescing media / or oil absorbing frames

In addition, Openchannelflow offers a wide array of optional accessories to help you customize the unit to fit your specific needs, including:

  • Collapsible / removable stainless steel hoists
  • Manhole thru-wall couplings (for power / controls / etc.)
  • General purpose and hazardous location lighting
  • Powered and unpowered ventilation
  • Shelves and mounting panels for ancillary equipment
Manhole diameters available are:
4’ [122 cm],  5’ [152 cm],  6’ [183 cm],  7’-8” [234 cm]1

1Available with a custom split / flat fiberglass top only.

27’-8” [234 cm] configuration provided with custom split / flat fiberglass top only.