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custom insulated fiberglass enclosure to house an automatic wastewater samplerWhen a full walk-in shelter isn't need, but you still need to protect your equipment, Openchannelflow offers a range of Fiberglass Equipment Enclosures.  

One-piece fiberglass construction means that each Openchannelflow enclosure is able to withstand harsh and corrosive environments.

Enclosure Styles

Redstone Enclosures

For simple equipment needs, Openchannelflow's line of Redstone Equipment Enclosures provides equipment protection at an affordable price.  Uninsulated, these enclosures are ideal for above grade flumes, portable samplers, and equipment storage.

Redstone fiberglass equipment enclosures

Gemini Enclosures

For taller equipment, Openchannelflow offers Gemini Equipment Enclosures.  Gemini enclosures are insulated and come with an integral floor and hinged gullwing door for complete access to the enclosure interior.

Gemini fiberglass equipment enclosure

Custom Enclosures

Where one of our standard enclosures won't quite fit the application, Openchannelflow can custom design an enclosure to meet your specific needs.

Enclosure Advantages

Openchannelflow equipment enclosures are:  

  • Low maintenance
  • Electrical non-conductivity
  • Are not susceptible to rust / rot / or decay
  • Available in both standard and custom sizes

Typical Enclosure applications

Protection Options

For applications where Openchannelflow's fiberglass enclosures are too small, Openchannelflow also offers walk-in shelters.  These shelters are available in single-piece and modular designs and are available in sizes up to 20' x 20'.