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custom insulated fiberglass enclosure to house a refrigerated samplerWhile Openchannelflow offers a number of equipment, sampler, and flume enclosures, we also know that sometimes a standard offering just doesn't fit.  For those times, Openchannelflow offers Custom Fiberglass Enclosures.  Whether you are looking for weather protection or restricting physical access, we can help!

Fiberglass Advantages

Made from the same strong, lightweight, and weather resistant fiberglass materials as our standard enclosures and shelters, Openchannelflow custom enclosures are designed for long service lives and require minimal maintenance.  

Fiberglass is:

  • Strong - pound for pound stronger than metal
  • Corrosion Resistant - will not rust, rot, or decay
  • Chemically Resistant - impervious to most chemicals
  • Impact Resistant - will not permanently deform under impact
  • Non-Conductive
  • EMI / RFI Transparent
  • Light-Weight - only 2-3 lbs per square foot


custom drop-over insulated enclosure for pump protectionWhether you need a small drop over enclosure to get a piece of equipment out of the weather or you need something more substantial, Openchannelflow can help.  We can assist you in the design of the enclosure, develop the tooling, and make your enclosure in quantities from 1 to 100.

Depending upon the application, custom enclosures can be insulated or uninsulated and can be outfitted with HVAC and electrical packages.  Access can be via lift-off design, bulkheads, standard and gullwing doors...and everything in-between. 

Sound attenuation materials can also be applied to the enclosure interior to minimize sound pollution.

Large Equipment Protection

For larger equipment protection needs, Openchannelflow can develop a custom enclosure or provide protection through our line of single-piece and modular shelters.  The shelters are available in sizes from 4' W x 2'-6" D to 20' W x 20' D and just about every size in-between.

Custom fiberglass valve enclosures