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Redstone Equipment Enclosures
Redstone Flume Enclosure
Redstone 33 Fiberglass Enclosure
Redstone 66 Trapezoidal Flume Enclosure
Custom Fiberglass Sampler Enclosure
Gemini 2 Portable Sampler Enclosure
Gemini Refrigerated Sampler Enclosure

To house monitoring equipment and provide secure storage of chemicals, valves, and meters, Openchannelflow offers serveral different series of Fiberglass Equipment Enclosures.  

Redstone Enclosures

fiberglass Openchannelflow Redstone equipment enclosures

Our Redstone series of enclosures are designed to provide low profile, top access storage in a range of widths and heights.  With a high gloss finish, Redstone enclosures are aesthetically pleasing and blend into the background.  

Unlike competing equipment enclosures which rely on chains to hold their tops (and which can accidentally close – particularly in windy conditions), each Redstone enclosure is provided with dual gas struts to keep the top of the enclosure open – ensuring operator safety.

Gemini Enclosures

Gemini fiberglass automatic sampler - equipment encosureFor larger equipment needs, Openchannelflow offers the Gemini and Gemin 2 series of insulated enclosures.  Gemini enclosures are deeper and taller than our Redstone series and work better for applications where the lift-over design of the Redstone enclosures isn’t suitable.  

Gemini enclosures sport a single, flip-up gullwing access door that fully opens and provides unparalleled access to the interior of the enclosure.  The door is sized and hinged in such a manner that it also acts as a weather hood to protect the operator from the elements while they go about their work. Dual redundant gas struts keep the door open (even under windy conditions) and the operator safe.  The struts are sized so that the enclosure door gradually opens, even from a nearly closed position.

Openchannelflow enclosures are used for:

  • Equipment storage

  • Flow monitoring stations

  • Automatic and portable water / wastewater samplers

  • Chemical metering / storage

  • Pump enclosures

  • Polymer feed equipment

  • Firefighting / safety equipment

  • Valve enclosures

  • Storm water sampling

  • Pollution monitoring equipment station

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