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Gemini 2 Fiberglass Sampler Enclosures
Gemini 2 Fiberglass Sampler Enclosure
Side of Gemini 2 Sampler Enclosure
Gemini 2 Sampler Enclosure with Heater and Electrical
Enclosure Rain Gauge Cavity
Sampler Enclosure Heater and Outlet

Whether the need you need to protect your portable sampler from vandalism while out in the filed or the corrosion back at the treatment plant, Gemini 2 Portable Sampler Enclosures from Openchannelflow are there to protect your investment.

Enclosure Design

The Gemini 2 has a flip-top / gullwing design that provides excellent operator access.  The enclosure is designed for all of today's current portable samplers, including:

  • Teledyne-Isco's 6700 series compact and full-sized portable samplers
  • Hach's SD900 and AS950 portable samplers
  • YSI's YSI's ProSample P and PM portable samplers

Legacy samplers, like Teledyne-Isco's 3700 also comfortably fit inside.

In addition to the samplers themselves, the Gemini 2 was specifically designed to have enough room to house all of the components that a monitoring station might need, including:  flow meters, rain gauges, and batteries.


Enclosure Access

The Gemini 2's gullwing door that fully opens – allowing the operator unfettered access to the important components of the sampler.  Oversized dual gas struts mean that the door won't close even in strong wind conditions.

Sized for future sampler growth, the door of the Gemini enclosure is sufficiently large to act as weather hood – protecting operators from the elements while they go about their work.


The Gemini 2 is designed to be just as portable as the samplers that go in it! 

(4) side-mounted folding lift handles mean that load, unloading, and setting the enclosure is incredibly easy.  The handles have a folding grip that drops out of the way when you let go so nothing sticks out to whack your shins on!


Water sampling and monitoring equipment is expensive.  So to help you keep what is yours, each Gemini 2 has stainless steel anchoring feet to help you secure the enclosure once it is on site.  

External anchoring feet eliminate the need to drill though the floor to secure the enclosure - this helps to keep the enclosure watertight.


Gemini 2 enclosures are available with a range of accessories to customize them to your particular site needs.


  • Ventilation louvers

  • Exhaust fans

  • Heaters

  • Electrical outlets

  • Equipment shelves / mounting panels

  • Interior lighting

  • Piping / tubing connections

  • Custom colors

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