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Gemini fiberglass sampler enclosures in grey
White Gemini sampler enclsoure with door open
Gemini enclsoure door & lock detail
Heater mounted in fiberglass enclosure

Openchannelflow Gemini fiberglass refrigerated sampler enclosureWhile many of today's automatic samplers tout NEMA 4X housings, the need to house and protect them hasn't gone away. 

Whether the need you need to protect the sampler from vandalism or the corrosive effects of a treatment plant environment, Gemini Sampler Enclosures from Openchannelflow are there to protect your investment.

Designing the Gemini Enclosure

When we sat down to design our Gemini Sampler Enclosures we considered years of customer feedback.

The primary areas of concern were:

  • Operator access
  • Stability in high winds
  • Safety
  • Versatility

insulated refrigerated sampler enclosure

Gemini sampler enclosures have a gullwing design that fully opens – allowing the operator unfettered access to the important components of the sampler.

Sized for future sampler growth, the door of the Gemini enclosure is sufficiently large to act as weather hood – protecting operators from the elements while they go about their work.

With such a large door naturally our thoughts went to wind stability and operator safety, so to secure it oversized dual redundant gas struts are used to support the door.  The gas struts securely anchor the door to the enclosure body and are sized to allow the door to open with minimal effort.

Gemini enclosures are insulated and available with a range of accessories to customize them to your particular site needs.

Equipment Protection

The Gemini Enclosure is designed to provide a high level of equipment protection.  The standard unit has a reinforced, integral floor to keep the weather from entering under the enclosure. Additionally, the door threshold is elevated to keep ponding waters out.  Finally, the overlapping door design improves weathertightness - particularly where it rest on the wide neoprene door gasketing where it contacts the enclosure body.



  • Ventilation louvers

  • Exhaust fans

  • Heaters

  • Electrical outlets

  • Load centers

  • Equipment shelves

  • Interior lighting

  • Piping / tubing connections

  • Custom colors

  • Equipment mounting panels

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