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Discharge Tables

4-inch Palmer-Bowlus Flume
Minimum Head (ft) 0.06 Minimum Head (m) 0.0183
Minimum Flow Rate (cfs) 0.0086 Minimum Flow Rate (l/s) 0.2436
Maximum Head (ft) 0.25 Maximum Head (m) 0.0762
Maximum Flow Rate (cfs) 0.1213 Maximum Flow Rate (l/s) 3.435
Equation=cfs, ft 1.68*H1.9
Equation=l/s, m 486.34*H1.9
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6-inch Palmer-Bowlus Flumes
Minimum Head (ft) 0.07 Minimum Head (m) 0.0213
Minimum Flow Rate (cfs) 0.0156 Minimum Flow Rate (l/s) 0.4418
Maximum Head (ft) 0.35 Maximum Head (m) 0.1067
Maximum Flow Rate (cfs) 0.2915 Maximum Flow Rate (l/s) 8.357
Equation=cfs, ft 2.18*H1.9
Equation=l/s, m 607.7*H1.9
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8-inch Palmer-Bowlus Flume
Minimum Head (ft) 0.09 Minimum Head (m) 0.0274
Minimum Flow Rate (cfs) 0.0306 Minimum Flow Rate (l/s) 0.8666
Maximum Head (ft) 0.50 Maximum Head (m) 0.1524
Maximum Flow Rate (cfs) 0.6900 Maximum Flow Rate (l/s) 19.54
Equation=cfs, ft 2.591*H1.9
Equation=l/s, m 722.03*H1.9
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10-inch Palmer-Bowlus Flume
Minimum Head (ft) 0.11 Minimum Head (m) 0.0335
Minimum Flow Rate (cfs) 0.0502 Minimum Flow Rate (l/s) 1.473
Maximum Head (ft) 0.60 Maximum Head (m) 0.1524
Maximum Flow Rate (cfs) 1.119 Maximum Flow Rate (l/s) 31.69
Equation=cfs, ft 2.961*H1.9
Equation=l/s, m 749.9*H1.9
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12-inch Palmer-Bowlus Flume
Minimum Head (ft) 0.12 Minimum Head (m) 0.0366
Minimum Flow Rate (cfs) 0.0695 Minimum Flow Rate (l/s) 1.968
Maximum Head (ft) 0.70 Maximum Head (m) 0.2134
Maximum Flow Rate (cfs) 1.676 Maximum Flow Rate (l/s) 47.46
Equation=cfs, ft 3.31*H1.9
Equation=l/s, m 922.75*H1.9
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15-inch Palmer-Bowlus Flume
Minimum Head (ft) 0.14 Minimum Head (m) 0.0427
Minimum Flow Rate (cfs) 0.1088 Minimum Flow Rate (l/s) 3.081
Maximum Head (ft) 0.90 Maximum Head (m) 0.2743
Maximum Flow Rate (cfs) 3.086 Maximum Flow Rate (l/s) 87.40
Equation=cfs, ft 3.79*H1.9
Equation=l/s, m 1056.5*H1.9
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18-inch Palmer-Bowlus Flume
Minimum Head (ft) 0.15 Minimum Head (m) 0.0488
Minimum Flow Rate (cfs) 0.1557 Minimum Flow Rate (l/s) 4.409
Maximum Head (ft) 1.05 Maximum Head (m) 0.3200
Maximum Flow Rate (cfs) 4.614 Maximum Flow Rate (l/s) 130.7
Equation=cfs, ft 4.23*H1.9
Equation=l/s, m 1179.22*H1.9
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21-inch Palmer-Bowlus Flume
Minimum Head (ft) 0.18 Minimum Head (m) 0.0549
Minimum Flow Rate (cfs) 0.2223 Minimum Flow Rate (l/s) 6.296
Maximum Head (ft) 1.25 Maximum Head (m) 0.3810
Maximum Flow Rate (cfs) 7.043 Maximum Flow Rate (l/s) 199.5
Equation=cfs, ft 4.61*H1.9
Equation=l/s, m 1285.16*H1.9
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24-inch Palmer-Bowlus Flume
Minimum Head (ft) 0.20 Minimum Head (m) 0.0610
Minimum Flow Rate (cfs) 0.2935 Minimum Flow Rate (l/s) 8.312
Maximum Head (ft) 1.40 Maximum Head (m) 0.4267
Maximum Flow Rate (cfs) 9.465 Maximum Flow Rate (l/s) 268.0
Equation=cfs, ft 5.03*H1.9
Equation=l/s, m 1402.25*H1.9
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