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Palmer-Bowlus Flume Mounting

Concrete Channels

palmer bowlus flume grouted into a concrete manholeConcrete encapsulation is the most common method of installing a Palmer-Bowlus flume as the flume was originally designed to be installed in-line with sewer piping in concrete manholes or vaults.  

The flume is set in an oversized, roughed in channel and then grouted into place.  To help secure the flume during installation and make sure that it does not float out of place, wire is run through the anchor clips on the outside of the flume back to rebar before the grout pour begins.

In both concrete and earthen channel installations, the inside of the flume must be cribbed and weighted so that the flume does not shift out of place or the sidewalls / floor distort.  Once the installation has been completed, the cribbing is removed.

Integrated Enclosures

Palmer Bowlus flume in fiberglass enclosureAbove grade industrial flows may require that a small monitoring flume be secured.  For those applications, Openchannelflow offers factory integration of a 4 to 12-inch Palmer Bowlus flumes into one of our Redstone Fiberglass Equipment Enclosures.  

The result is a secure, integrated solution that allows for the accurate measurement of flows while maintaining data integrity.

Flow Metering Manholes

For applications where below grade flow monitoring is required, Openchannelflow offers Palmer-Bowlus flumes integrated into our fiberglass Packaged Metering Manholes.

Palmer-Bowlus Flume End Connections

End Adapter

bulkheads on a fiberglass palmer bowlus flumeEnd connections for Palmer-Bowlus flumes revolve around the bulkhead.  A Palmer-Bowlus flume bulkhead is simply a flat, vertical plate attached to the inlet / outlet of a Palmer-Bowlus flume.

The bulkhead can then be provided with pipe stubs, flanges, or caulking collars to connect to piping.  

Staged Manhole Transitions

To mount to a manhole wall a curve is into the flume so that it be directly connected to a manhole wall – eliminating the need to either form a transition or have a pipe connection to the flume.  

Staged transitions are available for select sizes of Permanent Style Palmer Bowlus flumes with approach sections and manhole diameters.  Contact Openchannelflow for additional details.



Flume Stand

For applications where the flume is to site above grade, Openchannelflow can provide stands to raise the flume. The stand can be molded into the flume or it can be a separate structure on which the flume is mounted.