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Openchannelflow stainless steel Parshall FlumeStainless Steel Parshall Flumes are an attractive option when standard fiberglass construction won't meet an application's needs.  

Stainless Steel Advantages

Stainless steel Parshall flumes from Openchannelflow are available in both T-304L and T-316L stainless steel. The flumes are corrosion / high temperature resistant, economical (for the right applications), resist abrasion / damage, have tight dimensional tolerances, and are available with a range of accessories and mounting / end configuration options.    

Corrosion / High Temperature Resistance

Available in two grades, stainless steel Parshall flumes provide excellent resistance to corrosive acidic / basic flow streams - particularly useful in acid mine discharge and landfill leachate applications.  Stainless steel construction also eliminates the concerns typical with fiberglass flumes - flow streams with sustained peak temperatures above 140 ºF [60 ºC] where exotic (and expensive) resin systems would be necessary.

Abrasion / Damage Resistance

The heavy gauge construction of Openchannelflow stainless steel Parshall flumes provide the greatest resistance to abrasion and damage resistance of any flume material.  This resistance is particularly valuable in applications where the flow stream contains sands, gravel, stones or where the flume is subject to potential abuse - vandalism, cattle, etc.


While stainless steel Parshall flumes do cost more than standard polyester resin fiberglass ones, many times they are more cost competitive than fiberglass in applications where polyester resins are not suitable.  

Dimensional Tolerances

stainless steel Parshall flume with grating and end adapters

Skilled metal fabrication can result in stainless steel Parshall flumes that exhibit the same dimensional tolerance of fiberglass flumes. For Openchannelflow stainless steel Parshall flumes, the following dimensional tolerances are typical:


  • 1/8-inch [3.18 mm] (12-inch or smaller Parshall flumes)

  • 1/4-inch [6.3518 mm] (18-96 Parshall flumes)

  • 1/2-inch [12.7 mm] (120-144-inch Parshall flumes)

Other Flume Dimensions

  • 1/8-inch [3.18 mm] (12-inch or smaller Parshall flumes)

  • 1/4-inch [6.3518 mm] (18-96 Parshall flumes)

  • 1/2-inch [12.7 mm] (120-144-inch Parshall flumes)

The above dimensions are within the +/-2% of nominal required by ASTM D1941-91(2013) Standard Test Method for Open Channel Flow Measurement of Water with the Parshall Flumes.

Configuration Flexibility

While not as many accessories or mounting / end configuration options are available for stainless steel Parshall flumes, Openchannelflow still offers a considerable range of them.  Contact Openchannelflow for additional details.

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