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For a drop-in-place solution to problem of how to perform inline sewage grinding, Openchannelflow offers factory integrated fiberglass Grinder Manholes.   These manholes take our tried-and-true fiberglass manhole structure and integrates a custom channel to mount your grinder in.  

Openchannelflow - fiberglass grinder manhole sloganFiberglass Grinder Manholes are rugged, corrosion resistant, and cost effective; providing factory integration and little in the way of line downtime or manhole maintenance. 

Openchannelflow has experience integrating grinders from:

Strength Built In

At the core of each Openchannelflow Grinder Manhole is our fiberglass manhole tube.  Our manhole tubes are designed to meet or exceed both ASTM D3753 and AASHTO H-20 standards.  The interior of these tubes is smooth and corrosion resistant.  The light tan coloration of the tube helps to maximize visibility inside the manhole.

To the barrel that we add a cover, base, mounting flange, and, most importantly, a channel to mount your grinder in!


Openchannelflow can provide either the manhole with a grinder channel integrated or we can mount your grinder rails for a true turnkey solution.

For closed pipes, Openchannelflow also offers flanged Grinder Manholes.

Grinder Manholes can be placed upstream of Packaged Metering Manholes to ensure that flow passes smoothly through the flume – without the fear of clogging or the accumulation of solids in the flume. 

A variety of top styles are available with Openchannelflow Packaged Metering Manholes, including:

Grinder Manholes are available in sizes from 48 to 96-inches [1.22 to 2.44 m] in diameter and in depths up to 35-feet [10.7 m].

More About Grinder Manholes

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