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Many of the flow measurement solutions that Openchannelflow offers are for waters flowing in open channels or non-full pipes.  But there are times where full pipe conditions are present.  For those times, Openchannelflow has developed fiberglass Mag Meter Manholes.

Openchannelflow - dig it - drop it - done - fiberglass manhole slogan

Factory integrated and easy to install, Mag Meter Manholes allow drop-in place ease in a cost effective structure.  Dig it!  Drop it!  Done!

Openchannelflow Mag Meter Manholes can integrate meters from all major meter manufacturers, in sizes from 1/2 to 12-inches [1.27 to 30.48 cm].

At the core of each Openchannelflow Fiberglass Mag Meter Manhole is our ASTM D3753 highway rated manhole barrel.  The barrel provides high strength and excellent corrosion resistance. To that we add a cover, base, mounting flange, and, most importantly, a customer supplied mag meter.

Mag Meter Manholes provide:

  • Single source responsibility
  • Virtually no maintenance
  • Minimal downtime (perfect for installation during plant shutdowns)
  • A safe environment in which to measure flow


Openchannelflow Mag Meter Manholes can be configured to your site needs, with a variety of top styles available:

The manholes are also available in diameters from 48 to 96-inches [1.22 to 2.44 m] and in depths up to 35-feet [10.7 m] and with a variety of accessories:

MAG meter manhole components

  • Cover 

  • OSHA-complaint fiberglass ladder

  • Thru-wall coupling

  • Integral base / mounting flange

  • Integrated mag meter / ground rings / gaskets (customer supplied)

  • Inlet / outlet piping

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