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Shelter Doors

Doors are a common area of customization for Openchannelflow Fiberglass Equipment Shelters.  From multiple single doors to double doors and more, Openchannelflow has you covered.  


Standard Door

Norton door closer on an Openchannelflow fiberglass equipment shelterThe standard door for Openchannelflow equipment shelters is an outward opening 3068 single door.  

  • 30 - representing 3-feet 0-inches wide
  • 68 - representing 6-feet 8-inches high

The door is mounted with (2) stainless steel strap hinges and is recessed in a full perimeter molded door frame.  By extending the frame around the full door perimeter, we can ensure that the door frame does not twist or wrack during shipment or installation (potentially binding the door in the frame).  Also, a full perimeter door frame allows the door to be sealed so that it meets NEMA 3R requirements.

At the top, each door is provided with a Norton industrial duty overhead door closer / stop.  The closer is rated for windy applications and high cycle times and provides significantly improve usability over the chain secured doors of our competitors.

The door is secured with a stainless steel Schlage key locked ball knob. Using a keyed alike classroom style design - exterior key lock only - we've eliminated the possibility of locking your keys in the shelter.


Single Door Options

observation window on a fiberglass equipment shelter manufactured by OpenchannelflowThe ease with with fiberglass can be customized mean that custom door configurations are quite common.  In addition to our standard 3068 single door, Openchannelflow also offers:  2668, 3068, 3668, and 4068 single doors - either as upgrades or as additional single door assemblies. Normally doors are single piece affairs, but dutch (split) construction are also available.

Additional custom size doors are also available - typically with extended heights.  If these sizes don't cover your needs, Openchannelflow can manufacture custom sized doors - just drop us a line


Double Door Options

double doors on a fiberglass equipment shelter manufactured by OpenchannelflowFor greater access, Openchannelflow also offers double doors - as upgrades or additional assemblies.  Double doors are provided with cane bolts to hold the passive door closed and an astragal between the doors to keep the shelter weathertight.

Double doors can be double 3068 doors (standard) or can use any of our other single door sizes...there's no need for the two doors to even be the same width!


Roll-Up / Roll-Back Doors

In space constrained applications where there isn't enough room for a standard door to open, Openchannelflow offers a number of different rolling door options.  These doors can be roll-up (drum mounted above the door) or roll-back (think garage door) styles.  Depending upon the door, heavy duty, insulated, and weatherproof options are available for these doors.


Door Accessories

Many times the door opening itself is only part of the customization needed.  Openchannelflow offers a number of different security / usability options for our shelter doors, including: 

Door Accessories

  • Push bar (panic) hardware
  • (2) and (3) point latches
  • Observation windows
  • Stainless steel door vents
  • Padlockable hasps
  • Drop / pull handles
  • Piano hinges
  • Door activated switches / intrusion alarms