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Shelter Electrical Packages

example of electrical wiring and conduit in a fiberglass equipment shelterOpenchannelflow Fiberglass Equipment Shelters come standard with:

  • 12 gauge THHN wiring in rigid Schedule 40 PVC conduit
  • Square D 125 A main lug load center
  • Leviton 20 A GFCI outlet with in-use weather cover
  • Exterior duplex Leviton switches for independent control of interior light and fan

For most users, this equipment is sufficient to meet their needs, but for those that need something more, Openchannelflow offers a number of upgrades to the standard equipment.


The standard electrical conduit in Openchannelflow fiberglass equipment shelters is rigid Schedule 40 PVC.  Like everything else in our shelters, the standard conduit can be modified or customized:

  • Schedule 80 PVC
  • Electrical metallic tubing (EMT)
  • Galvanized rigid conduit (GRC)
  • PVC coated galvanized rigid steel

Load Centers

Square D QO load center in a fiberglass chemical feed shelterSquare D QO load centers are at the heart of most Openchannelflow fiberglass equipment shelters.  These load centers are available in:

  • Convertible main lug or main breaker configurations
  • Single or three-phase
  • 125 to 225 A ratings
  • NEMA 1 or NEMA 3R enclosures

Where specialty load centers are required, Openchannelflow also offers integration of load centers from GE and Siemens.   


Leviton GFCI outlet with weather cover mounted in fiberglass equipment shelterThe Openchannelflow standard electrical outlet in our fiberglass shelters is a Leviton 20 A GFCI with in-use weather cover.  

While one GFCI is part of the standard equipment package, additional GFCIs and specialty outlets are available for mounting inside (or outside) the shelter.


duplex switch to control the light and fan in a fiberglass chlorination shelterIn designing our shelters, we wanted to give our customers the ultimate in control.  As a result, each shelter comes with dual switches for individual control of the interior light and fan.  Now there is no need to sync the two - so you don't have to exhaust your conditioned air when you turn on the shelter light.

Additional switches are available for independent control of exterior lights, for three-way control of the interior lights, and as disconnects for circuit power.


12 gauge stranded THHN is the standard wiring for Openchannelflow fiberglass equipment shelters.  Where necessary (typically to heaters and larger HVAC units), larger sized wiring can be provided.