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For year-round protection of equipment, Openchannelflow offers Fiberglass Single-Piece Equipment Shelters. These shelters are perfect for housing equipment, instruments, and chemicals and are available in a range of widths and lengths to suit your exact needs.

Wide Range of Sizes



4-feet W

2 1/2 to 10-feet L


3 to 10-feet


3 to 16-feet


4 to 16-feet


4 to 16-feet


6 to 20-feet 


Maintenance Free

The exterior of all Openchannelflow single-piece shelters is a smooth, gloss finish.  Unlike “satin” finished shelters, the gloss finish of Openchannelflow shelters means that other than a periodic wash down, there is virtually no need for maintenance.    

The “satin” finish of other shelters can be used to hide a number of fabrication or finishing issues.  Satin finishes are also perfect surfaces for atmospheric dust, dirt, and debris to cling to and algae, moss, mold, and lichen to grow on - all of which are avoided by a gloss finish.

High Strength

Single-piece construction means that there are no joint to periodically seal or maintain.  Also, as Openchannelflow single-piece shelters are chemically bonded and then fiberglassed together, they are incredibly strong and capable of withstanding harsh conditions. 

Our X-Web technology bonds the inner and outer fiberglass skins together by creating a web (or I-beam) of fiberglass around each insulating core panel.  The result is wall / roof sections that are incredibly light yet which are, pound for pound, stronger than steel.

The standard single-piece shelter design is for:

  • Wind speeds up to 135 mph [217 kph]
  • Snow loads up to 45 psf [2.155 kPa]
  • Type III / U occupation group

with higher wind / snow load reinforced designs also available.

Well Equipped

8 x 6 fiberglass shelter over a fiberglass Packaged Metering ManholeOpenchannelflow equipment shelters come with a long list of standard equipment:

  • 3068 single door
    • Norton overhead hydraulic door holder / closer
    • Schlage stainless steel ball knob
    • Molded-in door frame / threshold 
  • Square D load center
  • Pre-wired 12 gauge THHN in PVC conduit
  • Leviton weatherproof GFCI outlet and switches
  • Lithonia fluorescent light
  • 2-inch (R~14) insulation
  • Dayton exhaust fan, heater, and intake shutter
  • Fiberglass equipment mounting struts
  • Maintenance-free, gloss exterior 
  • Removable lifting eyes

Endless Customization

While our shelters come with a long list of standard equipment, we also take a personal approach, designing each fiberglass shelter to meet our customer’s exact needs.  

We can easily modify widths and depths to allow for the perfect solution, and offer a wide range of equipment packages and options:

  • Doors (single, double, roll-up, and custom widths / heights)
  • Electrical (outlets, switches, PVC / EMT / rigid conduit)
  • HVAC (heaters, vents, fans, powered, unpowered, solar)
  • Floors and Bases 
  • Lighting (interior, exterior, skylights)
  • Access panels / bulkheads
  • Safety equipment (horns, lights, emergency showers)

 We love to challenge our fabricators, so don't be afraid to challenge us!

Easy to Install

With factory provided lifting eyes, Openchannelflow single-piece shelters arrive on site ready for immediate installation.  Common construction equipment and minimal manpower are all that are required, with most installation done in less than a day.

Protection Options

For applications where Openchannelflow's single-piece shelters are too large or too small, Openchannelflow also offers:  Modular Shelters and Equipment Enclosures.

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