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Shelter Lighting

Proper lighting is critical to determining whether an operator can work or work well in a shelter.  If you can't see what you're doing it's hard to do it well!

Standing Lighting & Control

two fluorescent lights mounted in a single-piece fiberglass shelter-buildingAs part of the standard equipment package for Openchannelflow shelters, a one or two bulb, energy efficient fluorescent lighting is provided.

Many municipalities and companies are phasing out the incandescent lighting seen in other manufacturers' shelters.  They recognize cost savings through the more energy efficient fixtures and the decreases maintenance costs associated with not having to periodically change bulbs as well as not having to stock bulbs specific to the shelter (their operation buildings already using fluorescent lights).

Control of interior light is by means of a dedicated exterior switch.

LED Option

As the costs of LED lights continue to drop, we are seeing more and more call for LED fixtures to replace fluorescent (interior applications) and HPS lights (exterior applications).

To meet this demand, Openchannelflow can provide a full range of LED fixtures for all shelter lighting needs.

Exterior Lighting

exterior LED light mounted on a single piece fiberglass shelter building

Some shelter installations call for exterior lighting either for operator safety or facility security.  For those applications, Openchannelflow offers a number of different fixture options.

Historically, high pressure sodium (HPS) lights have been used due to their efficiency.  However, their warm golden light limits color rendering - making them really only suitable for security lighting.

When operators need to perform tasks outside the shelter, a whiter light is better.  As a result, the standard exterior light option is a 10 watt LED fixture. The fixture provides lumen output similar to a 70 watt HPS fixture and also provides full cut-off for Dark-Sky compliance - directing the light only where it needs to be.

For wider illumination, floodlights are also available - triggered by motion or controlled by a switch inside the shelter.


skylights molded into a custom fiberglass shelterFor shelters with no electrical service, but where interior illumination is still required, Openchannelflow can custom mold skylights into roof.  Depending upon the amount of light needed, the skylights can be clear or translucent and can be manufactured in a number of different materials.

Now naturally skylights aren't going to provide illumination at night - unless it's an arctic summer - but they are a good choice for specific applications.

Depending upon the shelter size - and whether it is a single-piece or a modular shelter - skylights come in multiple sizes, with multiple skylights possible.