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Of all of Openchannelflow's products, our Weir Boxes receive the most calls for customization; more so than our flumes, manholes, or even equipment shelters

The driving factors in sizing a weir box are the minimum and maximum flow rates.  From these flow conditions the weir style can be selected.  This in turn determines the maximum head, Hmax.  Once Hmax is determined, the published guidelines for weir pool sizing can be applied. 

stainless steel weir box measuring dam seepage

Now with weir boxes there is considerable flexibility in how the flow enters / exits.  Flow can be in-line piped, can rise up into the weir box, or can spill in.  In addition, multiple flow streams can enter a weir box - each in their own way.  Likewise, discharging out of a weir box provides similar configuration opportunities. 

vertical discharge flange on a custom fiberglass weir box manufactured by Openchannelflow

To condition flows entering a weir box, any of the various flow accessories offered by Openchannelflow can be used, including:

  • Energy absorbers
  • Tranquilizing racks
  • Underflow / overflow baffles
  • Perforated baffle plates

custom weir box manufactured by Openchannelflow for the Indian Health Service

Similarly, the full range of flow and parameter mounts can be incorporated into a weir box:

  • Staff gauges
  • Ultrasonic brackets
  • Probe wells
  • Stilling wells
  • Bubbler tubes
  • Sampler tubes
  • Probe clips
  • Probe holders

custom weir box with an ultrasonic mounting bracket - probe clips - and sample tube


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