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Packaged Metering Manholes factory integrate a flow measurement flume / weir into a fiberglass manhole to provide a complete, turn-key solution to monitor industrial and municipal flows.  Openchannelflow Packaged Metering Manholes come complete and ready for immediate installation.  Dig it! Drop it! Done!

While not the first Packaged Metering Manhole on the market, Openchannelflow Packaged Metering Manholes are the most complete and user-friendly flow monitoring manholes on the market.  A full range of flumes and weirs are available for factory integration into our Packaged Metering Manholes, complete with end transitions, pipe stubs or flanges, and flow meter mounts. 

FRP Packaged Metering Manholes used to monitor dam seepage

Openchannelflow Packaged Metering Manholes are extremely rugged and are capable of meeting the demands of the ASTM D3753 Standard Specifications for Fibre-Reinforced Manholes and AASHTO / ASTM H-20 rating for highway loading manholes. Constructed entirely from fiberglass, Openchannelflow Packaged Metering Manholes are designed for the damp, corrosive conditions common to sanitary manholes.

The smooth, pigment free interior surface reduces the build-up of the bio-slime that is so common in sanitary manholes, is extremely easy to clean and maintain, and provides good operator visibility.  Additionally, the lack of interior gel coat means that Openchannelflow manholes tubes are capable of undergoing visual inspection (for voids, inclusions, cracks, or failure) during both fabrication and throughout its operational life.

Domed top Packaged Metering Manhole with a Parshall flume

Each Packaged Metering Manhole has, at its core, a H-20 rated manhole barrel - even if the application does require this level of strength.  Operator safety is first and foremost in our minds and while the manhole barrel may be overbuilt for some applications, we want our customers to have the peace of mind to know that we are watching their backs.

Fiberglass Domed Top Packaged Metering Manhole with Parshall Flume

On top of the manhole barrel is a top specially engineered for the installation site.  In grassy, non-traffic areas, Openchannelflow has a low-profile domed fiberglass top.  The top is thoroughly reinforced and provided with rugged  stainless  hardware - including an industry first, standard fail-open gas strut.  The fail open design greatly reduces the likelihood that an operator can become inadvertently trapped inside and provides visual feedback if a site has been secured.

Pedestrian hatch for a Packaged Metering Manhole

For pedestrian areas, Openchannelflow provides a wide opening Aluminum Top.  This hatch - again an industry first allows 40% to 150% - more area to enter / exit the manhole. 

FRP H-20 Packaged Metering Manhole with a factory integrated Extra Large 60º Trapezoidal Flume

Vehicle traffic areas require a different approach to the top of the Packaged Metering Manhole.  There a specially constructed reducer is available, onto which a traditional grade ring / frame / cover stack can be mounted. 

Here again Openchannelflow focuses on ease-of-use / ease-of-entry/exit.  H-20 reducers are available in 22-1/2”, 31-3/4”, 36”, and 38” openings.  These openings provide more open area - 43% to 185% than competitors - for operator access / safety.

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