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Openchannelflow Redstone Series 66 Fiberglass Equipment Enclosure - open and showing lid support gas struts and lockable hardwareOpenchannelflow is pleased to announce the release of our new line of Redstone Series Fiberglass Enclosures to house monitoring equipment and provided secure storage of chemicals and equipment.

Redstone Series enclosures are designed to be aesthetically pleasing and blend into the background.  At the same time, attention has been paid to heavy-duty construction – from hinges and hasps to laminate thickness.

Our goal with our Redstone Series of enclosures is to provide you safe, secure storage of your valuable equipment at an affordable price!

Enclosure Features

  • Heavy duty 3/16-inch thick fiberglass laminate (50% thicker than competing units)
  • Premium Arctic White gel coat on all surfaces with UV inhibitors
  • Low maintenance gloss exterior finish
  • (2) lid support gas struts
  • Integral base
  • Stainless steel piano hinge
  • Lockable stainless steel draw hasp for positive locking
  • Molded in side ribbing to increase enclosure rigidity

stainless steel draw down lockable hasp on an Openchannelflow Redstone Series 66 Fiberglass Equipment Enclosure  lid support gas strut on an Openchannelflow Redstone Series 66 Fiberglass Equipment Enclosure

Enclosure Uses

  • Discrete storage of stormwater sampling equipment (samplers, flow meters, batteries, etc.)
  • Portable sampler storage
  • Equipment storage
  • Chemical storage
  • Above ground integration of flumes and energy absorbers

Enclosure Dimensions

Each enclosure measures:

  • 17” D (base) / 22” D (top)
  • 22” H

In addition, Redstone enclosures are available in three widths - allowing you to choose the enclosure that best fits YOUR needs:

  • 66” (base) / 72” (top)
  • 79” (base) / 85” (top)
  • 90” (base) / 96” (top)


(2) Redstone Fiberglass Equipment Enclosures showing both the open and closed profiles  side view of Redstone Fiberglass Equipment Enclosure from Openchannelflow

Enclosure Accessories

  • Replacement hasp sets
  • Replacement struts
  • Fixed vents
  • Couplings
  • Off-set support brackets
  • Insulation

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