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H flume mounted in fiberglass Redstone enclosureTo protect flumes in above ground applications, Openchannelflow integrates small flow measuring flumes into our range of Redstone Fiberglass Equipment Enclosures. The turnkey design allows the enclosure to be dropped in place and requires little in the way of site preparation.

Integrating the flume:

  • Safeguards the installation - restricting access to the flume and flow meter sensor
  • Reduces the likelihood that the flow meter sensor is accidentally moved
  • Provides a clean, neat, and professional installation 
  • Improves chain-of-custody for the meter and its measurements

Fiberglass Flume Enclosures are commonly used to measure industrial effluents and green roof runoffs, but are really a great solution where a flume needs to be secured.

Flumes Available for Integration

Flow Conditioning

nested Palmer Bowlus flumes mounted in an Openchannelflow fiberglass Redstone equipment enclosure

Where the flow upstream of a flume enclosure is too energetic or turbulent, Openchannelflow can also integrate the tranquilizing structures from our Energy Absorbing manholes into an enclosure. 

These enclosures are placed immediately upstream of the flume enclosure and allow the most accurate flow measurement possible.