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Lonza - storm water flow measurement with weir channelCase Study

Drop-in-place Solution for Storm Water Flow Measurement and Control

Customer / Consultant

Lonza / AMEC (Peoria)


Lonza Mapleton specializes in intermediate chemical products for the hygiene, water treatment, and materials protection markets.  The plant manufactures a wide range of long chain alkly chlorides, amines, and derivatives.


AMEC in Peoria, IL approached Openchannelflow with a unique application:  an industrial customer of theirs needed to measure storm water flows in an existing earthen channel.  The customer needed to not only measure the flows, but they also needed to be able to divert them to a holding pond should a chemical spill occur upstream.  Additionally, the time that the installing contractor could disturb the channel where the installation was to occur was short.


As with all applications, Openchanneflow conducted an in-depth needs analysis with AMEC.  The objective was to determine not only the site conditions (necessary for device selection) but also to understand the concerns and end-user goals for the installation. 

integrated Weir Channel designed to measure and control storm water flows

In discussing the application, it became apparent that Lonza needed direct access to the point of measurement from both sides of the channel to monitor and service the flow and parameter monitoring equipment that would be installed.  Additionally, the parameter monitoring equipment needed to keep a minimum wetted depth at all times to ensure the sensing elements did not dry out.  Finally, because the chemicals processed at the plant could be toxic to aquatic life, the solution needed to be able to securely divert flow to a holding pond in the event of a plant upset.

foot bride integrated into Weir Channel for measuring and controlling storm water flows

Utilizing its well-tested weir box design, Openchannelflow was able to develop an entirely new class of products:  the drop-in-place weir channel with pass over foot bridge, removable/interchangeable weir plate, inlet transitions, and flow diversion slide plate.

replaceable / interchangeable Weir Plate mounted in Weir Channel for measuring stormwater flows

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