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Fiberglass Diversion Manholes are way of controlling open channel flows in a factory integrated design.  Utilizing the core design of our standard fiberglass manholes, Diversion Manholes provide corrosion resistance, speed of installation, and ease of use.

A variety of flow diversion structures can be integrated into a Diversion Manhole, including:

  • Internal and external pipe drops
  • Full fiberglass inverts
    • Straight through
    • Angled
    • Flow splitting
    • Y / T channel combinations


Fiberglass Diversion Manhole with Y-channel and slide gates for Capitol Reef National Park

Although the upfront cost of fiberglass Diversion Manholes is greater than of concrete structures, saving are immediate by the:

  • Reduction in installation labor / equipment
  • Minimal line down / pump around time
  • Maintenance free construction

Diverison Manholes are available in a wide variety of top styles and diameters for a maximum of customization for your specific site needs.

H-20 Highway Loading Fiberglass Diversion Manhole

Top styles available include:

While five different diametes are available:

  • 48-inches
  • 60-inches
  • 72-inches
  • 969-inches
  • 120-inches

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