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Aluminum Parshall flume with small stilling well for measuring dam seepageAluminum Parshall Flumes can be a good choice where resistance to abrasion or physical damage is required but where the flume must be light enough to move from site-to-site or to a remote area.  Aluminum Parshall Flumes are most commonly used to measure dam seepage, remote watersheds, and mine dewatering flows.

Aluminum Advantages

Aluminum Parshall flumes from Openchannelflow have good resistance to abrasion / damage, are light weight, have tight dimensional tolerances, and are available with a selection of accessories and mounting / end configuration options.    

Abrasion / Damage Resistance

The heavy duty construction of Openchannelflow aluminum Parshall flumes provides good resistance to both abrasion by flow stream sediments and damage by physical abuse.  This resistance to damage is particularly useful in mine dewatering applications.

Light Weight

Aluminum Parshall flumes weigh about as much as a similar fiberglass ones - at about 2 to 2.5 lbs/ft2 [9.8 to 12.2 kg/m2], meaning that they are easily handled, are more portable, and require less manpower / equipment to install than Parshall flumes constructed of other metals.

Dimensional Tolerances

Skilled metal fabrication means that aluminum Parshall flumes can have dimensional tolerances of:


  • 1/8-inch [3.18 mm] (12-inch or smaller Parshall flumes)

  • 1/4-inch [6.3518 mm] (18-48 Parshall flumes)

Other Flume Dimensions

  • 1/8-inch [3.18 mm] (12-inch or smaller Parshall flumes)

  • 1/4-inch [6.3518 mm] (18-48 Parshall flumes)

The above dimensions are within the +/-2% of nominal required by ASTM D1941-91(2013) Standard Test Method for Open Channel Flow Measurement of Water with the Parshall Flumes.

While larger Parshall flume sizes are available, it is uncommon to see them constructed out of aluminum due to cost.

Configuration Flexibility

Aluminum construction does not lend itself to as many accessories or mounting / end configuration options as stainless steel or fiberglass Parshall flumes, but many of the more common ones are available.

Contact Openchannelflow for additional details.

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