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Gemini fiberglass equipment enclosure manufactured by OpenchannelflowWhere a walk-in fiberglass shelter or building is more than an installation calls for, but where all-weather equipment protection is needed, Openchannelflow offers the Gemini equipment enclosure

Originally designed to house the Teledyne 4700 / 5800 series of refrigerated wastewater samplers, the Gemini enclosure has found a growing list of useful applications including:

  • Valve protection
  • Flow moitoring station
  • Chemical metering / storage
  • Fire / safety equipment storage
  • Above ground flume enclosure
  • Pollution monitoring equipment station
  • ...and more

The single, flip-up gullwing access door proivdes wide open access to the enclousre's interior and is securely held open even in windy conditons by dual, redundant gas struts. The Gemini is also provided with two keyed alike T-handles (with an optional padlockable hasp available).

The Gemini fiberglass enclosure is availale with a range of accessories to help you tailor it to your exact needs, including:

  • Fixed and adjustable louvers
  • Exhaust fans
  • Heaters
  • Electrical outlets
  • Load centers
  • Equipment shelves
  • Interior lighting
  • Piping / tubing connections
  • Custom colors to match your surroundings
  • Equipment mounting panels
  • Swing arm panel mounts
  • ....and, as always, more

Talk to your local representative today, or contact us directly to find out more about how Gemini fiberglass equipment enclousures can help solve your protection needs. 



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