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Aluminum H Flumes with Approach Sections from OpenchannelflowAluminum H Flumes can be a good choice where resistance to abrasion or physical damage is required but where the flume must be light enough to move from site-to-site or to a remote area.  Aluminum H Flumes are most commonly used to measure edge-of-field runoff, watersheds, and mine dewatering flows.

Aluminum Advantages

Aluminum H flumes from Openchannelflow have good resistance to abrasion / damage, are light weight, and are available with some accessories and mounting / end configuration options.    

Abrasion / Damage Resistance

The heavy duty construction of Openchannelflow aluminum H flumes provides good resistance to abrasion by flow stream sediments and damage by physical abuse.  This resistance to damage is particularly useful in mine dewatering applications.

Light Weight

Aluminum H Flumes weigh about as much as a similar fiberglass ones - at about 2 to 2.5 lbs/ft2 [9.8 to 12.2 kg/m2], meaning that they are easily handled, are more portable, and require less manpower / equipment to install than other metal constructed H flumes.

Configuration Flexibility

Aluminum construction does not lend itself to as many accessories or mounting / end configuration options as stainless steel or fiberglass H flumes, but many of the more common ones are available.

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