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Shelter Floors & Bases

single piece fiberglass sampling station with option fiberglass floorAll equipment shelters have to be secured against wind overturn.  This usually involves mounting the shelter to a concrete slab.  The slab, in turn, acts as the floor of the shelter. 

However, there are times when a true floor is required, whether for spill containment, environmental control, or operator convenience.  For those applications Openchannelflow offers:

  • Reinforced floors
  • Insulated floors
  • Spill containment floors (with or without grating)

Whether provided with or without a floor, each Openchannelflow shelter can also be provided with a separate steel base for ultimate flexibility in mounting. 

Non-Slip Surface

detail of non-slip molded in diamond plate floor in single piece fiberglass equipment shelter

For reinforced / insulated / spill containment (without grating) floors, the walking surface of the floor is a molded-in fiberglass diamond plate.   

Unlike competing floors where sand is mixed into the gel coat (which will wear off in high traffic areas), the diamond plate surface of Openchannelflow shelter floors is molded in and will never wear off, peal up, or otherwise deteriorate.  

For the non-slip surface to lose its effectiveness, the fiberglass itself would have to be worn down!

Spill Containment

Spill containment floors can be provided with our without grating.  In either case the height of the spill containment is determined by the amount of liquid to be contained.  The containment area can be fabricated from the same resin used in the rest of the shelter or it can be specially tailored for corrosion resistance for the contained liquid.

narrow opening fiberglass grating used in spill containment floors of fiberglass chemical storage shelters

For spill containment floors with grating, an narrow opening fiberglass grating is suspended above the floor.  The narrow opening allows any spills to drain into the containment area while at the same time keeping the operator out of the containment area.  Also, the narrow opening of the grating makes is less likely the tools or debris will accidentally fall into the containment area.

Should a spill occur, the grating is provided in sections of a size manageable for one operator to remove.  Additionally, pump out drains can be installed as well as access openings provided in the grating.


Bases provide the option to elevate a shelter or otherwise forgo the need to mount the shelter to a concrete slab.  Bases can be painted or stainless steel in construction and the base itself can act as the floor of the shelter or can support a fiberglass floor in the shelter.