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Storm Water / Screening Manholes are a class of structures that Openchannelflow has developed to removed trash, grit, floating debris, and oil from collection systems.  Using our proven fiberglass manhole tubes, Openchannelflow integrates a screenings structure specific to your site's needs.

Just like our other fiberglass manholes, Openchannelflow Storm Water / Screenings Manholes are single-piece, watertight, and corrosion resistant.  Factory integrated they are cost effective and require little line downtime.  Dig it!  Drop it! Done!

Openchannelflow offers three standard configurations of Storm Water / Screenings Manholes:

  • Trash / Debris

    • Commonly used for storm water applications where trash and floating debris need to be screened out of the collection system.  Trash baskets are mounted on rails to allow the screened materials to be removed.
  • Oily Waste

    • Where oil or some other coalesable fluid contaminates a flow stream.  
  • Combination

    • Where both trash / debris and oily waste need to be removed.

Storm Water / Screenings are almost always of the Domed Top Style. The fiberglass dome top fully opens allowing operator access and easy removal of the screenings basket.


A variety of top styles are available with Openchannelflow Storm Water / Screenings Manholes, including:

  • Domed Fiberglass (for non-vehicle / traffic areas)
  • Aluminum Covers (for pedestrian traffic areas)
  • Open Top (for custom applications where the manhole top needs to be open or provided with a fiberglass grating)

Openchannelflow Storm Water / Screenings Manholes are available in sizes from 48 to 96-inches [1.22 to 2.44 m] in diameter and in depths up to 35-feet [10.7 m].  

As the flow rate increases or where combination systems are required, larger diameter manholes are necessary.

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