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Shelter Access

While Openchannelflow offers a range of door options for our Single-Piece and Modular Equipment Shelters, there are times where it simply isn't practical to move a piece of equipment through the shelter doors.  For these applications, Openchannelflow offers removable roofs and roof equipment hatches.

Removable Roofs

The modular nature of Openchannelflow's larger equipment shelters means that the roof can be removed with removing the body of the shelter itself.  Access can mean removing only one section of the roof...or the whole roof itself!

center section of the roof removed from a modular fiberglass equipment shelter building

Once the equipment has been serviced, removed, or installed, the roof sections can be reinstalled - bolting them to the other roof / wall sections and silicon sealing the joints.

Removable roofs are a feature specific to Openchannelflow's Modular Shelters - they are not available for the smaller Single-Piece Shelters.

Roof Hatches

When the equipment is smaller (or where the shelter is one of our Single-Piece designs), roof hatches are another way of providing equipment access.

roof hatch mounted on a fiberglass building

Here, a reinforced opening is molded into the roof / roof panels of the shelter and a custom made aluminum or stainless steel roof hatch is mounted to the top of the shelter (or shelter section).

an interior view of an aluminum hatch mounted in the roof of a fiberglass equipment building - shelter

The roof hatch is provided with dual gas struts to keep it open even in high winds, while a slam lock is provided to keep it close when not in use.  

double door fiberglass buidling with an open roof hatch